Our aim

All of our training programs are based on the most modern methods, theories and applications that exist today on the global market. In all of our seminars we leverage successful models and tools, as well as scientific methods that originate from university sectors and integrative psychology.

How we work

The seminars may last from  half a day (4 hours) up to two days (16 hours). All of our training programs are fully customized to the client needs. At the same time, all of our training subjects can be implemented during our seminars, congresses and other events in the form of “Keynote speeches”.

Our people

The Human Resources of OT CONSULTING have many years of experience in various marketplaces as well as in psychology.OT Consulting consists of experienced trainers who take into consideration our values and our way of working, aiming for a greater effectiveness.

Skills 2014

The SKILLS 240 series is an economical four-hour lasting training session. It is structured in such a way to work in combination with each other. In other words, we give the opportunity to our customers to “build” their own staff training according to their specific needs.

Educational programms

Psychology in workplace

Business psychology is a new trend of global marketing that keeps on growing .The leaders of business community are using more and more often psychology methods in order to develop the cooperation among their employees to improve them and enable them to solve out complicated problems.Some of the areas that are related with business psychology include counseling services, human resources.

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