Medical sales counselors

Medical sales counselors

Purpose and benefits

This programme’s purpose is to introduce participants to a basic philosophy of medical sales to be in a position to:

  • Understand their role as medical sales counselor based on the latest market requirements and needs
  • Comprehend what sales counseling means
  • Learn how to deal with doctors’ objections and complains
  • Strengthen their medical sales counseling skills as opposed to the distribution of flyers and benefits
  • Understand what common sales language and understanding between medical sales counselor means



1. Why do doctors purchase ?

2.  Doctor’s needs

3. Doctor’s indirect and direct needs

4. Investigate doctor’s needs

5. How we present medicine advantages to doctors

6. Active listening

7. Perceptions

8.  Imagine to experience things from the doctor’s point of view

9. Demonstrate flyers

10. Planning a visit

11. Visits purpose

12. Dealing with doctors’ objections

13. Objection types

14. Handling doctors objections in a positive way

15. Empathy

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